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Combining the best of today's philosophies and techniques, with over 60 years of professional experience.
Flat-coated retriever | age 10mos
CGC class

Using primarily positive reinforcement, but not positive reinforcement exclusively; while we welcome and encourage treat-training here, we don’t universally prescribe it.  When clients do use it, they work to phase the treating out relatively quickly to prevent treat dependency. 


Our clients work their dogs toward appreciating four other classifications of reward and you’ll find some of the specific rewards to be creative.  We DO NOT use or recommend methods or tools that cause pain, fear, anger, anxiety or mistrust.  Choking, shocking, hitting, pinching, and yelling will NOT help you create a secure and happy dog!

There are certainly basic fundamentals that can be applied similarly to every dog, but there are also substantial differences between dogs that must be taken into account.  One dog can be very different from another in the types of control, reward or deterrence it takes to create desirable behavior patterns or eliminate undesirable patterns of behavior.  One dog’s lavish reward might be viewed with complete disinterest by another and one dog’s mild deterrence might be too harsh for another.  You will learn what works best for your particular dog.  One method does not fit all.


Whether you’re looking at our Puppy Building Blocks program, Basic Obedience & Behavior course, advanced Canine Good Citizen course, Reactive dog, or our Private Instruction sessions, you can be assured that you are getting a more complete approach to dog training and behavior modification than you can get anywhere in the Rocky Mountain Region.

While we offer both classes and private instruction, keep in mind that if your dog and your schedule can handle it, a public class is almost always the best option. Nothing can surpass all of the members of your household taking turns working your dog(s) in a controlled; multiple distraction environment under the close supervision of instructors who are making sure that everyone is handling their dog(s) properly.  This is a process that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else.  This also prepares you and your dog for the real world; better than home training or private instruction.

Welcome to Terroux Dog Training. 

We look forward to working with you!


Ted Terroux and Staff


Learn how to create the best physical and psychological environments that will help your dog feel happy, secure and under control.


Discover how to create and manage a strong leadership role with your dog—without running your household like a boot camp


We’ll teach you how to play with and exercise your dog constructively so that they are not inclined to compete with you.


You’ll experience how to socialize your dog constructively with other dogs or handle being in close proximity to other dogs, calmly.


We’ll help you establish a single command structure with your dog to get more reliability in every situation, particularly when you really need it.


You’ll discover many different ways of modifying behavior effectively, creating desirable patterns of behavior and eliminating the undesirable.


You’ll get an education on all the basics of how to care for your dog’s physical needs from food, treats and toys to brushing, bathing and nail-trims.

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