Basic Obedience Course

Make-ups and Transfer Policy


Most of our Basic Obedience classes fill to capacity.  Please select a class schedule you fully anticipate being able to attend throughout, consecutively.  Classes are limited in capacity to preserve the quality of our instruction and maintain safety.  For these reasons, making up classes and transferring to other classes are limited.  If you will be missing one class, it is relatively easy to stay up to speed by doing the reading and homework exercises with your dog as specified in your Class Schedule for the week that you miss.


Make-ups:  You may make up any class that you miss on any of our 4 other class schedules, but it is likely that you will have to attend that make-up session without your dog – particularly during the first 4 classes in our 7 class series.  You may inquire on the day of the make-up if there might be space to attend with your dog.  There is no additional charge for making up a class; with or without, your dog.


Transfers:  In the event that you must transfer to another class, there will be a transfer fee if you will be taking up the space of another client in another class.   In the rare event that the class you wish to transfer into isn’t full, you may transfer at no additional charge.  Typically, the later in the class series you transfer, the more likely a “free” space will be available for you to transfer into.

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