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Basic Obedience Course

Make-ups and Transfer Policy


Most of our Basic Obedience classes fill to capacity.  Please select a class schedule you fully anticipate being able to attend throughout, consecutively.  Classes are limited in capacity to preserve the quality of our instruction and maintain safety.  For these reasons, making up classes and transferring to other classes are limited, especially during pandemic capacity requirements.  If you will be missing one class, it is relatively easy to stay up to speed by doing the reading and homework exercises with your dog as specified in your Class Schedule for the week that you miss.   

Transfer due to missing two or more consecutive classes – will require an opening in another current class or reserving a new seat for you in a new class starting at a later date.  If you feel you must request transfer from an actively running class, keep in mind that you are vacating a fully paid class seat and taking up another fully paid class seat, now taking up two spaces in our classes.  If a seat happens to open (in another currently running class) at the time that you need it, we could offer that seat to you at no additional cost; however, those two things happening at the same time are rare!  If your only option is to transfer into a new class we will assess a $200 fee.

Another option; if you have completed at least Week 4 of the Basic Course, you could set up one or two Onsite Sessions (50 minutes, one-on-one, $75 each) to finish getting the training instruction you need and graduation evaluation for your dog.

Thankfully, there is redundancy built into our program; not only in the class structures from week to week doing the repetitions in the training exercises, but also through the weekly video webinars, the book reading assignments and the homework exercises that are assigned for each week. These redundancies will all help you to stay up to speed with your class if you only miss one class.

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