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Pandemic safety (updated 06-2021)

Here's what we are doing to help protect you:

  • 3 high volume air handling units equipped with HEPA filters and UV air purifiers

  • Floor plan training lanes and seating 8' apart from one another

  • Hand sanitizer at entry and exit

  • Disinfectant wipes in restrooms

  • Contact surfaces wiped down between every class

Onsite (at facility) Safety Protocol during COVID-19 Pandemic:

All students visiting our facility agree to the following:

  • You agree that if you are feeling ill and/or have a fever, or are caring for someone who is ill, or have recently been exposed to someone who has or has come into contact with COVID-19, or you have recently traveled from somewhere outside the U.S. or on a cruise ship or river boat – that you will not come to class.  If it is observed that you may be ill we reserve the right to send you home!  

Restrooms have disinfecting wipes available to wipe down all surfaces including handles and switches.  Hand sanitizer and paper towels are available for your use at the entryway to our building.

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