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Catch your dog being GOOD!


When your dog makes a good choice or offers a desirable behavior;

capture it, by meaningfully rewarding it, in the moment.   


"Combining the best of today's philosophies and techniques, with over 60 years of professional experience"  - Ted Terroux

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(12/2023) To Ted, Sara, Abby, and Christie:  "Thank you all very much for guiding us through two classes this Fall, Basic Obedience and CGC. Our golden retriever, Tippy, had been timid and even scared of new people and new experiences. Turned out she thrived in your classes and gained confidence week by week. Probably more important, my husband Chris and I learned so much about being good parents of Tippy and our 9-year-old lab, Poppy. Thank you for a great experience, and Happy Holidays."

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