Catch your dog being GOOD!


When your dog makes a good choice or offers a desirable behavior;

capture it, by meaningfully rewarding it, in the moment.   


"Combining the best of today's philosophies and techniques, with over 60 years of professional experience"  - Ted Terroux

Why Terroux dog training?

"I learned about Terroux Dog Training from a local pet store near my home. I brought my boxer puppy to two dog training classes: Puppy Building Blocks, and Basic Obedience. Ted and his staff were always great with my dog (and with me while I learned how to train him, ha-ha)! As long as you attend the classes, pay attention, and consistently practice at home, you will have a great experience. I highly recommend Terroux Dog Training!"

"I just need to say that Ted Terroux is the best.  Years ago, we got a wonderful dog who turned out to be very aggressive.  Ted helped us create a home where Tripper could learn to be a well-adjusted dog.  We just got a rescue and went to see Ted yesterday to make sure that we were doing everything that we can to help Louie join our family.  Again, Ted was outstanding.  He loves dogs.  He loves to help people love their dogs.  His approach is loving and positive.  You will love Ted.  He's the best."